McShea elected local secretary

Buffalo News sportswriter Keith McShea is the newest face to join the Guild leadership.

McShea, a steward in the newsroom, was elected local secretary at the last membership meeting. He ran unopposed for the position.

The leadership post became vacant when former Secretary Joe Lapi, a district manager, was forced to take a buy out from The News and resign his job with the Guild.

Lapi was one of several Guild activists who left the paper involuntarily or by choice as part of the latest round of job cuts by management.

At the April membership meeting, the Guild began the task of finding new activists to fill the vacancies in its leadership.

Henry Davis of Editorial, for example, was named to the Executive Committee. Davis, a reporter, is a veteran of several Guild negotiations.
In addition, four Guild members in Classified Advertising have stepped forward to assume the chief steward duties once held by Tina Ouellette. Ouellette was the among the Guild activists who took the buy out.

The Guild is expected to name several new leaders at this month’s membership meeting.