New Guild logo is coming

In keeping with this period of great change, the Guild logo is getting a new look.

The new design, the work of Editorial Cartoonist Adam Zyglis, is a provocative graphic of a globe linked to the head of a charging Buffalo.

The logo will become part of the Guild’s identity and image and is expected to find its way onto everything from Guild polo shirts to workplace flyers. A different version of the logo will celebrate the local’s 75th anniversary.

Eager to find out more about Zyglis’ design, the Frontier Reporter sat down with him last week.

Frontier Reporter: What was the toughest thing about coming up with the new design?
Zyglis: The biggest challenge was coming up with a concept that embodies our many characteristics and also reflects the changes in our industry. I wanted to avoid using dated traditional imagery such as paper, ink, presses, pens, or pencils because technology changes the form our product takes, even though our principles remain the same.

FR: It’s a fascinating design. Explain the globe?
Zyglis: The graphic I came up with is a globe, or a network, that becomes the head of a charging buffalo. I wanted the lines on the globe to resemble both a digital network and a turning world. This conveys information, the internet, technology, current events, global news, communication, change, and other qualities of a modern news organization.

FR: My guess is the buffalo is about more than the city we work in?
Zyglis: The imagery of a charging buffalo is in the design for many reasons. On the surface it represents the city we serve, and our local journalistic focus. But it also conveys the Guild’s strength and vision, from our workplace actions to our leadership in the community. We truly represent Buffalo in many ways, and I wanted to incorporate that into the logo.

FR: Any regrets?
Zyglis: Overall the design process was challenging, but I’m very grateful for the chance to come up with our collective image.