Guild addresses scheduling compliance

The Buffalo Newspaper Guild has sent a letter to The Buffalo News requiring adherence to Article 11, Section 3 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. This section states:

Work schedules will be posted openly, for general notice, two weeks in advance of the week for which they apply, except that schedules may be changed on less than two weeks’ notice in the case of staff emergencies not within The News’ control.

The decision to require The News’ adherence to the contractual language was approved by the Executive Committee and the local membership at the June 30, 2009 meeting. It was made in response to Guild member complaints that schedules are not being posted, and posted schedules are being changed without two weeks’ notice in some Guild-represented departments.

In many cases, not only is The News violating Article 11, Section 3 but also circumventing seniority scheduling rights in the Circulation Department. In addition, by violating the provisions of the work assignments section of the contract, the Guild believes The News is attempting to create “on-call” or casual employees. Our contract does not allow for either type of employee in our bargaining unit. We require The News to abide by the contract for the protection of all Guild employees and their work status.

We are hopeful management will take the high road by reading our notice, abiding by the contractual language, and not engaging in any retaliatory measures. In the event that The News does take the low road and retaliates in any way, please notify us immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact your departmental steward, Guild officer, or the Guild office at 856-2828.