July Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

President Pat Gormley called the meeting to order at 12:07 p.m, July 28, 2009 at One News Plaza, fifth-floor cafeteria.

Tan asked that a series of recommendations from the Mobilization Committee be considered by the Executive Committee:

1) The 75th anniversary party will held at the Harbor Club in HSBC Arena. The two available dates are Nov. 14 and Dec. 12 and a discussion followed.

Motion/Second/Carried, Leiser/Davis: To approve the date of Nov. 14 for the 75th anniversary party.

2) The Guild will sponsor two fundraisers to defer costs of the 75th anniversary party: Selling candy bars in the workplace and selling a newly-designed Guild polo shirt featuring a new Guild logo.

3) The Guild’s Web site redesign is nearly complete. Tan recommends a stipend for the two Guild members who are now the Web masters. The matter was tabled until a future meeting, following a larger examination of all Guild stipends by the Finance Committee.

Fairbanks presented a copy of a proposed agreement that would allow Guild member Brian Connolly to temporarily perform management work as Deputy Web Editor. He presented a proposed written agreement to the committee.

M/S/C Fairbanks/Raeke: To approve the agreement for Connolly to perform Deputy Web Editor work.

Call to adjourn.

In attendance: Pat Gormley, Dick Fay, Sandy Tan, Phil Fairbanks, Kim Leiser, Henry Davis, Susan Kelley, Pat Toepfer, Brian Connolly, Carolyn Raeke, Aretha Willis, Chuck Fischer, Tom Buckham, Brian Meyer, Tammy Turnbull and Beverly Gniewecki.

Excused: Bob Snyder, Dave Irwin, Felice McMillion and Keith McShea.