Buffalo Newspaper Guild Survey Results

The Guild surveyed its 245 members in June – 145 responded – and asked them to answer several questions about the union and its future. Here are the results:

1. How do you feel about the Guild?
Positive 38%
Somewhat positive 37%
Neutral 14%
Somewhat negative 9%
Negative 2%

2. How would you rate the Guild’s performance?
Good 56%
Seems to get things done 24%
Could do better 19%
Doesn’t seem to get things done 1%

3. Does the union act on complaints?
Yes, they do a good job 46%
I think so 40%
Not really 2%
I have no idea 12%

4. How many local meetings have you attended the past year?
Several 13%
At least one 45%
None 41%

5. Who do you turn to when you have a problem?
Guild 21%
Management 22%
Both 53%
Neither 4%

6. When you contact the Guild, who do you go to?
My steward 59%
An officer 22%
The local office 7%
Other 3%
Don’t know who to contact 8%

7. Do you read the Frontier Reporter?
Yes, and I like the printed version 50%
Yes, but I would like it online 18%
Sometimes 19%
No 10%

8. How do you feel about the impact of technology on your work?
I look forward to the challenge 52%
I don’t know how it might affect me 35%
I’m worried 13%

9. How do you feel about the national union?
Generally does a good job 21%
I need to know more about it 28%
Not a major factor at our local 11%
No opinion 41%

10. Do you know who your steward is?
Yes, my steward is a good resource 74%
Yes but I don’t know what my steward does 7%
No 19%

11. If the Guild held its meetings at The News, would you attend?
Yes, if they were immediately after work 49%
Yes, if they were at lunchtime 38%
Yes, if they were before work 15%
Yes, if they were on weekends 7%

12. Would you attend Guild meetings if they included presentations on topics of interest?
Yes 71%
No 29%

13. How do you learn about Guild news and activities? Check each one that applies to you.
Guild newsletters and flyers 59%
Guild leaders and stewards 59%
Other Guild members 49%
Guild Web site 7%
Non-Guild members 2%
I don’t know, I feel disconnected 4%

14. Would you be interested in taking part in civic improvement projects sponsored by the Guild?
Yes 44%
No 56%