October Guild Meeting Minutes

President Pat Gormley called the meeting to order at 5:45 p.m Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2009 at the CWA District 1 Office, 821 Elk St., Buffalo.

Correspondence: None

75th anniversary gala update by Sandy Tan: The Guild band is coming together and the ticket deadline is rapidly approaching.

Tan lauded the 75th anniversary committee for working extremely hard to offset costs; the committee raised $3,600 for the event through various fundraisers, candy sales and the souvenir program. Tan lauded Tammy Turnbull for her work putting together the program.

Without subsidies, the event would cost $35 per ticket for guild members; instead the price was $15 per ticket.

There are awards being worked on to honor major contributors within the Guild, which follows tradition as there were awards at the 50th anniversary.

Phil Fairbanks is working on a video presentation about the history of the Guild.

Motion/Second/Carried Fairbanks/Snyder that an additional $500 go to the 75th anniversary fund for door prizes.

Finance committee/budget update. Marian Needham met with the Finance Committee and will meet with them again before the annual budget comes before the local. The plan is to discuss and debate the budget in November and vote on it in December.

Tammy Turnbull has found that — in the bylaw review committee’s research on altering the bylaws regarding annual Guild meeting schedules — that some of the Guild’s bylaws are outdated and require updates. Those will come before the committee in future meetings.

Tan suggested a story be placed in the Frontier Reporter on preparations for the 75th anniversary part.
New members: Michael Leone (editorial), Lauren Mariacher (editorial).

Both are returning employees who have enrolled in the Guild in prior tours with The News.

M/S/C Snyder/Meyer to waive the $2 fee for Leone and Mariacher.

M/S/C Gormley/Meyer: To adjourn at 6:05 p.m.

In attendance: Tammy Turnbull, Kim Leiser, Brian Meyer, Pat Gormley, Phil Fairbanks, Brian Connolly, Sandy Tan, Keith McShea, Bob Snyder.