News’ unions talk about collaboration

 If there was ever a time for organized labor at The Buffalo News to be united, it’s now.

And that is exactly what’s happening.

Earlier this month, the leaders of several unions at The News gathered to talk about resurrecting the Council of Newspaper Unions, a coalition of unions that dissolved a few years ago.

 “Given the state of the industry and the economics of The News, the unions feel its important to work together,” said Tammy Turnbull, the Guild’s local service representative.

Turnbull said the group plans to meet again soon with the goal of talking to each other about our dealings with management and working together whenever possible.

 “At the very least,” she said, “we want to keep open the lines of communication.”

Historically, the Council served as an important way for The News’s numerous unions to communicate, especially during bargaining.

Of the unions at paper, the Guild is by the largest in terms of membership. It also is one of several CWA unions.