By law changes approved

The Guild’s local membership approved bylaw changes this month that will allow the union to hold quarterly, not monthly, membership meetings.

The changes, months in the works, also will alter the way Guild members are informed of local membership meetings and how they receive the local newsletter, the Frontier Reporter.

Overview of Bylaw Changes [PDF] | Proposed Bylaw Revision [PDF]

The changes will take effect Jan. 1 with the first quarterly membership meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 10 at a location to be announced later.

The reforms are at the heart of a series of changes recommended by the Guild’s Healthy Locals Committee.

By holding meetings less often and making them more relevant to all rank-and-file members, the committee thinks more Guild members will take time to attend.

The committee also is recommending the Frontier Reporter be distributed online and on all Guild bulletin boards, but no longer be mailed to members’ homes.

The committee also believes members should be informed of membership meetings by email, not regular mail.