August Membership Meeting minutes

Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2010

Pat Gormley called the meeting to order at 5:40 p.m, Aug. 4, 2010 at One News Plaza, first-floor auditorium.

Henry Davis reviewed the Guild’s plan, approved by the executive committee, to enter into early contract negotiations with The News regarding health care. 

 “In 2007, we made changes that took effect in 2008 and both sides benefited. Hopefully we can do the same this time. Although this time around not going to be as easy.”

 Motion/Second/Carried Gryta/Dicesare to approve executive committee’s resolution to enter early contract negotiation with The News. 

 M/S/C Gryta/Gniewicki to approve executive committee’s resolution to name bargaining committee members (Henry Davis, Jim Heaney, Felice McMillion, Tammy Turnbull and Pat Gormley) with Davis as chairman. 

 M/S/C Tan/Gryta to approve executive committee’s resolution to approve the job share agreement involving reporters Maki Becker and Gene Warner. 

 M/S/C Tan/Long to approve the nomination of Phil Fairbanks as vice chairman for contract negotiations. Fairbanks takes over the position held by Dick Fay and will hold it until elections later this year.

 M/S/C Gryta/Besecker to approve the nomination of Geoff Nason as editorial chief steward for nightside.

 M/S/C Gryta/Tan to approve the nomination of Brian Long (district managers), Nason and Denise Gee (editorial) as executive committee members.

 Mobilization committee report from Tan: She reminded all of the guild picnic on Aug. 14 and all of the work put into the event.

 Finance committee report is awaiting a meeting between Heaney and Snyder. 

 Turnbull reported on the latest LMC meeting, in which The News reported they were doing much better financially than expected.

 M/S/C to adjourn at 6:15 p.m. Tan/Dicesare.

 Present: Pat Gormley, Sandy Tan, Bob Snyder, Keith McShea, Dick Fay, Henry Davis, Jim Heaney, Sue Kelley, Beverly Gniewecki, Tammy Turnbull, Phil Fairbanks, Aaron Besecker, Felice McMillion, Tricia Clark, Carol Jones, Brian Long, Marian Needham, Bob Dicesare, Matt Gryta