New Guild officers elected

The new year will bring a new slate of Guild officers chosen at November’s general membership meeting. They will serve three-year terms.

They are: President, Henry Davis; Vice President of Mobilization, Sandy Tan; Vice President of Contract Administration, Phil Fairbanks; Secretary, Keith McShea; and Treasurer, Kim Leiser

The Guild also named chief stewards. Editorial: Dayside (vacant); Geoff Nason, night; Sue Kelly, clerks. ABC: Felice McMillion. District Managers: Dick Fay. Classified: Beverly Gniewecki, Jackie Kuma, Renee Mikler will share duties. Inside Circulation: Kim Leiser.

All chief stewards and officers serve on the Guild’s executive committee. Other executive committee members in 2011 will be:  Aaron Besecker, Brian Meyer, Denise Gee, Jim Heaney and David Robinson from Editorial; Carol Jones from ABC;  Brian Long and Bob Snyder from District Managers; Tricia Clark from Classified.