DMs benefit from two new settlements

Part-time district managers will be eligible for interest-free car loans and full-time DMs will be eligible for part-time holiday shifts as part of two new settlements by the Guild and The Buffalo News.

The car loan agreement means part-time DMs who have worked at The News for at least a year are eligible for a $4,000 loan for vehicles used for company business.

The settlement ends a dispute over the rights of part-time DMs to company-sponsored car loans outlined in the Guild’s contract with The News.

Full-time DMs will continue to be eligible for $6,000 car loans.

Part-time DMs who take advantage of the loan program will be required to pay their loan  off in 24 months and use a credit card, debit card or check to make monthly payments.

The Guild also settled a dispute over the scheduling of district managers on holidays when part-time shifts often make up most of the available shifts.

Under the agreement, the scheduling of all part-time holiday shifts will be done by seniority with both full- and part-time DMs eligible to take a part-time shift.

The agreement ends a dispute over full-time DMs getting shut out of holiday pay because of the company’s increasing reliance on part-time shifts on holidays.

Both agreements have been ratified by the local membership.