Jan. 2011: Executive Committee minutes

President Henry Davis called the meeting to order at 5:34 p.m, Jan. 19, 2011 at One News Plaza, second-floor meeting room.

Tammy Turnbull reported that the Guild tried to set up a Labor Management Committee meeting with The News but was unsuccessful.

Grievance report by Phil Fairbanks: There is a Christmas week holiday pay issue in circulation; need to meet with company regarding that.

The grievance pending in classified regarding a suspended worker is heading towards arbitration but talks with the company continue.

The grievance involving freelance work is headed to arbitration.

Motion/Second/Carried Heaney/Meyer to give the Guild the authority to file a complaint with the Department of Labor regarding the manner in which The News is employing its editorial stringers in regards to laws covering independent contractors.

Turnbull reported on the mobilization committee: The committee met for the first time this year last week.

The Christmas party was attended by more than 70 and cost the Guild $1,200, a total that is less than the $1,500 that had been approved.

Turnbull said, “Trish (Clark) did a great job,” to a round of applause of the executive committee.

Geoff Nason, Dan Kirchberger and Sandy Tan are working on redesigning the Web site and working on the email blast to all members.

The committee is looking into ordering desk items for all members to use, including magnets with the Guild logo and a helpful list of names and phone numbers.

The committee discussed a plan to update the welcome packets for new guild members; one component of that is brochure for part-time employees.

A special meet-and-greet for part-time members will be held Sunday, Jan. 30 for all new part-time employees during which new part-timers can be introduced to the Guild and learn about their contract. There will be gift card raffles and food.

New treasurer Kim Leiser and Turnbull reported that the Guild had issued its required financial report to the Department of Labor and its audit was done at the end of 2010.

President Henry Davis spoke regarding his plan to put together a smaller negotiating team than in past years, a decision he said he came to after lengthy deliberation.

Davis cited the need to be judicious about finances in selecting a smaller team, as to not rack up lost time expenses. He said no departments will be cut out of the process. If any departmental issue is raised by management regarding a department not represented on the bargaining team, a member of that department will be brought in and/or consulted with before the next bargaining session.

“If there is ever a departmental issue,” Davis said, “A district manager or classified will be brought in immediately. … The big decisions, as usual, will be made by the entire executive committee.”

Dick Fay stressed that all departments be involved when department-specific issues are raised during bargaining.

M/S/C Fairbanks/Meyer that the Guild bargaining team be made up of Henry Davis, Felice McMillion, Kim Leiser, Jim Heaney and Geoff Nason as well as Tammy Turnbull and Marian Needham.

M/S/C Tan/Gwiewecki to adjourn at 5:57 p.m.

Attendance: President Henry Davis, Vice President Phil Fairbanks, Vice President Sandy Tan, Secretary Keith McShea, Treasurer Kim Leiser, Tammy Turnbull, Pat Gormley, Dick Fay, Brian Long, Brian Meyer, Denise Gee, Susan Kelley, Jim Heaney, Geoff Nason, Aaron Besecker, Tricia Clark, Beverly Gwiewecki.

Excused: none.