June 2011 Executive Committee Minutes

President Henry Davis called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m, June 15, 2011 at One News Plaza, second-floor meeting room. 

Attendance: Tammy Turnbull, Carol Jones, Kim Leiser, Henry Davis, Susan Kelley, Brian Meyer, Jim Heaney, Bev Gniewecki, Pat Gormley, Phil Fairbanks, Brian Long, Dick Fay, Geoff Nason, Denise Gee, Sandy Tan

 Excused: Tricia Clark, Felice McMillion, Aaron Besecker, Keith McShea
Motion/Second/Carried to accept the May 2011 Executive Committee meeting minutes as published at buffaloguild.org.
Committee reports
Vice President of Grievances Phil Fairbanks reported the only pending grievance involves ABC and the vacation schedule. A proposal was made by the Guild but no formal response has been made yet by management.
Treasurer Kim Leiser informed the committee that a check sent to a supplier was stolen, altered and cashed. Subsequently a woman was arrested and will be prosecuted. The Guild has received its money back.
At-large delegate Tammy Turnbull noted the Mobilization Committee would be meeting Thursday to review all costs associated with the workplace-action plan being submitted to the national Newspaper Guild in an attempt to earn grant money.
Vice President of Mobilization Sandra Tan later noted that eight of the nine interns in the newsroom – within the first three days of their arrival – were given the Guild welcome packet and introductory speech.

 New business
New members: Edward Mazzu, Jacob Bolitho, Morgan Walker, Ryan Marfurt, Maria Materise, Jonathan Harris, Kristy Kibler (all newsroom interns); Samuel Kib
Davis provided an update on negotiations:
* Management is offering a pension-enhancement buyout offering utilizing only $3.5 million from the pension fund and not $5 million to $9 million as previously indicated. This means fewer people will be able to accept the buyout offer. Those known to be eligible for the buyout include the nine full-time district managers (who will be offered part-time employment if they take the buyout) and an unnamed number of newsroom employees.
* The Guild’s negotiating team encouraged a pension-enhancement offer of more than 10 years (to be applied to age or years of service in any combination) plus a health-care component, as well as a separate health-care only offer. Later a discussion occurred between various Executive Committee members about management potentially only offering 10 years enhancement, which is not enough for many district managers or newsroom employees.
* The Guild’s negotiating team also gave a counter proposal to management, calling for an extension of the current contract and removal of the 5 percent health-care premiums increase clause.
* During the 30- to 45-day window of the buyout, Davis said the two sides would begin bargaining on health care as well as the other 13 proposals made by management.
* The Guild’s negotiating team has indicated to management it is open to a discussion on in-sourcing work.
The meeting was adjourned at 6:24 p.m. – Heaney motion/Gormley second/carried.