No Zeros — Let management know that we deserve a raise

9.28.2011 – We are asking all Guild members to wear a sticker today proclaiming to management that we deserve a raise. The Guild initially proposed a three-year contract with modest 2 percent annual raises. The News’ counterproposal was to give us ZERO percent raises.

That’s an outrageous proposal from a company on track to make a $10 million profit this year.

Since 2009, Guild members have received a mere 1 percent raise. We aren’t even keeping up with the nation’s lackluster inflation rate. On top of that, we’re working harder than ever to cover the work of roughly 100 full-time Guild members who have been bought out or laid off by The News in the past two years.

Now this company wants us to go another two years with no raises at all. That prospect should deeply trouble full-timers and part-timers alike. Look, we know times are tough. The Guild has worked cooperatively and tirelessly to save this company money. We aren’t asking for the moon. We simply want what’s fair. We deserve a raise. NO ZEROS.