Draft April 2012 Executive Committee Minutes

President Henry Davis called the meeting to order at 5:45 p.m, April 18, 2012 at One News Plaza, The News’ second-floor meeting room.

Tammy Turnbull reported on grievances for Phil Fairbanks.

Current grievance issues are mostly classified: a member wants to take an extend lunch break so she can walk for health reasons, but The News is denying it even though contract allows for it; another employee is working their schedule from home;

The News has made a request to extend a temporary employee for an additional six months, but the Guild is concerned about how, at the same time, hours are being cut drastically from permanent part-time employees, including a 20-year employee whose status of receiving health benefits has been grandfathered in.

There is nothing to report from finance.

Nothing to report on mobilization.

Mark Sommer reported on his meeting with an interpreter as the Guild seeks to add to its membership possibly through interpreters and translators. The meeting was very introductory but went well.

Turnbull said that she would ask the San Francisco delegation at this weekend’s conference in Cleveland about how they were able to add interpreters and translators to their guild.

New business

Motion/Second/Carried Davis/Harrington to waive the introductory fee for new members, with the issue being revisited with each annual budget.

The waiving of the fee for new members was suggested by vice president for mobilization Sandy Tan and supported by treasurer Kim Leiser.

Davis provided an update on the leadership skills training conference to be hosted by the Guild on June 22-24 in East Aurora. “It really is going to be a good program I think. We have a course outline provided by Barbara Saxburg, the educator and trainer who will conduct the program. It covers decision-making, types of leadership styles, communication skills, and participatory excercizes.

“We have a really nice space in the Roycroft Inn for the first two days and conclude at the Hampton Inn with a dinner planned for Saturday night at the Roycroft.

“We’re beginning to get interest from a number of the guilds in the Great Lakes Council. Keep the conference in mind. We will have a brochure we are putting together.”

Davis provided an update on the Community Service committee, whose first event is Saturday, a litter cleanup in Red Jacket Park along the Buffalo River held in conjunction with the Buffalo River Keeper organization. Members are encouraged to go.

The Community Service committee is also moving ahead with plans for a grass roots gardens project in which gardens are planted on vacant land. It is also looking into a schools program in which high school students would shadow reporters, and a class would possibly be offered. The News editorial leadership is interested in possibly making it a joint program.

Tricia Clark mentioned that a summertime social gathering could hopefully be held in conjunction with the garden-planting activity this summer.

M/S/C McShea/Davis to adjourn at 6:06 p.m.

Attendance: President Henry Davis, Secretary Keith McShea, office manager Tammy Turnbull, inside circulation delegate Tricia Clark, editorial delegate/clerks chief steward Susan Kelley, classified delegate Beverly Gniewecki, editorial delegates Denise Gee, Mike Harrington and Mark Sommer.

Excused: Vice President/Grievances Phil Fairbanks, Vice President/Mobilization Sandy Tan, Treasurer Kim Leiser, district manager chief steward Dick Fay, editorial delegate Aaron Besecker, district manager delegate Bob Snyder.

Absent: Past president Pat Gormley, district manager delegate Brian Long, ABC chief steward Felice McMillion, classified chief stewart Renee Mikler, nightside chief steward Mike Pesarchick, editorial delegate David Robinson.