June 2012 Executive Committee Minutes

President Henry Davis called the meeting to order at 5:45 p.m, June 20, 2012 at The News’ second-floor meeting room, One News Plaza.

Sandy Tan reported on mobilization.

The LMC’s first proposal moved forward and was implemented. The “Lunch and Learn” session with Bryan Carr, who heads up print operations, was quite successful. “It’s impressive the array the work that TBN is doing now,” said Tan. Carr gave updates on planned press purchases, The News revenue growth in the area and other details which Aaron Besecker will write up in a Frontier Reporter story .

“It was gratifying to see that people had genuine interest in the topic,” said Tan, who credited Margaret Sullivan as a “big factor” in getting it launched.

Carr was introduced by Brian Connolly introduced Carr and the session lasted almost an hour.

Future “Lunch and Learn” sessions may include new News directors of digital and promotions.

Tan said the LMC would be convening again soon – we’re hopeful to have another meeting soon.

Tan also said that the mobilization committee would be meeting soon.

Treasurer Kim Leiser had nothing to report.

Mark Sommer reported on grievances.

He recapped a couple of situations:

* Management denied an employee that wished to combined their break with their lunch; the employee was used to doing that and had been allowed to do it, but management more recently said they could not.

At the same time, a systems analyst cut a deal with management on their own to have a flexible schedule. That employee is now working regular hourse. News management said that if flexibility was shown with the first employee, that the same should be done with the second.

* Classified has become a more difficult place to work recently. A new manager has changed their button system and installed new policies and procedures; employees are also being threatened with disciplinary action for issues regarding timing of breaks and lunch.

Davis and Tan were hopeful that all parties could meet and hash out these problems and let management understand what the Guild’s issues are.

New business from Henry Davis.

Management was seeking disciplinary measures against employees who did not submit expense reports in a timely manner. Davis met with management on the issue.

Motion/Second/Carried Tan/Harrington that Donn Esmonde receive the title of senior metro columnist in Class B but he will remain in Class C.

M/S/C Leiser/Harrington that Gene Warner will be categorized as one of the 2011 retirees.

Warner’s job share with Maki Becker ended when Becker came back full-time; Warner now is considered a part-time employee like the 2011 retirees who came back to work.

Old business from Henry Davis.

The Guild’s leadership conference starts this weekend in East Aurora and it “should be great.” About a dozen people are expected, including several from Great Lakes districts and one from … Saskatchewan (!). The Newspaper Guild is interested in creating a short-term training program and this may be a model for it.

M/S/C Davis/Tan to adjourn at 6:22 p.m.

Attendance: President Henry Davis, Vice President/Mobilization Sandy Tan, Treasurer Kim Leiser, Secretary Keith McShea, office manager Tammy Turnbull, classified delegate Beverly Gniewecki, editorial delegates Mike Harrington and Mark Sommer.

Excused: Vice President/Grievances Phil Fairbanks.

Absent: Past president Pat Gormley, district manager delegate Brian Long, district manager delegate Bob Snyder, inside circulation delegate Tricia Clark, district manager chief steward Dick Fay, ABC chief steward Felice McMillion, classified chief stewart Renee Mikler, nightside chief steward Mike Pesarchick, editorial delegates Denise Jewell Gee, Aaron Besecker and David Robinson, editorial delegate/clerks chief steward Susan Kelley.

Next executive meeting: Wednesday, July 18.