Guild launches outreach campaign

The Guild is embarking on a campaign to improve membership involvement and communication.

And what better way to do that than break bread together.

Our goal is to give members an opportunity to meet face to face with their union leadership and learn more about the organization that has represented Buffalo News employees for more than 75 years.

We think it’s important that all members, old and new, full- and part-time, understand the Guild’s role as their collective bargaining representative and its long history of success in protecting members’ rights and providing them with good pay and benefits.

The Guild also wants to identify workplace issues that it might not otherwise be aware of and in general give members a chance to talk directly with their elected leaders.

At the core of this new outreach strategy are informal get-togethers – with food and drink, of course – between local leaders and rank-and-file members. The Guild Executive Committee believes strongly that this is the best way to reach out to members who might have trouble attending quarterly membership meetings.

With that in mind, the Guild is inviting members to catered meetings with Guild leaders. We recently started with the Accounting/Bookkeeping/Credit Department, and we’ll be making the rounds to every other department over the next few months.

For most members, we’ll meet in one of the second-floor conference rooms. Members can decide as a group what type of food they would like, with choices ranging from Italian to barbecue.

For other members, especially those working outside The News, we’ll be offering choices more appropriate for their early-morning schedules.

Participants will also be eligible for a gift card raffle at each meeting. We look forward to seeing you at a future meeting this year.

Your Guild leadership team