August 2013 Special Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

From email announcing meeting:

The special meeting is to discuss a agreement that The Buffalo News is seeking with the Guild regarding a television sports show that they are anxious to engage in. Sports reporters from the News may be used on this program and issues of jurisdiction, pay and duration are some of the elements to be discussed and negotiated.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

President Henry Davis called the meeting to order at 12:07 p.m, August 27, 2013 at The News’ second-floor meeting room, One News Plaza.

Davis explained that the “Bucky & Sully” sports show, which has been broadcast on, is one that The News would like to put on broadcast television on WBBZ as part of an experiment of getting into the television business.

There would be potential revenue, News staffers would have their names and faces in public beyond our web site.

The News asked that an agreement be crafted to allow this to happen.

Davis defined three issues:

1. Jurisdiction. Since the program would be on WBBZ, that would have to be given up.

2. Compensation. There would be normal work hours, then whatever TV time would be News OT; there would also be an additional stipend to both or either employee.

3. Duration. The News is seeking a 48-week agreement with WBBZ.

There would be two shows per week; perhaps down the road there would be more days, and/or more (and different kinds) of shows.

The Guild crafted an agreement, thanks to Davis, Tammy Turnbull and Marian Needham, that is rooted in the temporary work assignment clause in the contract; the Guild would waive the 6-month clause that is part of those temporary projects.

The Guild would also waive the posting of the job; they’re obviously seeking Sully & Bucky.

The agreement would just address Sully & Bucky — any other members looking at TV show would require additional negotiation and also would be in line with a temporary work assignment clause situation.

This meeting, Davis said, was to take the executive committee’s “temperature” since the Guild had not yet talked to The News in detail.

Bucky & Sully are on board with the plan.

Committee members McShea, Sommer, Davis, Robinson, Leiser and Harrington discussed the positives and negatives of the show; most members thought it a good idea and a good agreement crafted by the Guild.

Davis mentioned a fundraiser for Cradle Beach hosted by DiTondo’s restaurant.

Motion/Second/Carried Robinson/Sommer to contribute $100 to the fundraiser.

M/S/C Davis/McShea to adjourn at 1:11 p.m.