Come for pizza and learn more about United Way services at Wednesday’s membership meeting

Join us for lunch at 12 pm or 12:30 pm Wednesday, Sept. 18 in the first-floor News auditorium and get the latest update in what’s happening with your Guild.

Representatives with the United Way will also provide an informational talk an all the ways the United Way is working in the community, partnering with labor organizations like ours, and providing much needed services that many of us may need at some point.

This is not a fundraising presentation. But it will be an enlightening one, so we encourage you to attend.

Guild General Membership Meeting Agenda for Sept. 18, 2013

Committee Reports
— Finance: Kim Leiser
— Grievance: Mark Sommer
— Mobilization: Sandy Tan

Old Business

New Business
— Report on sports show agreement
— Nominations for officers and executive committee members