Guild executive committee meeting minutes: Wednesday, May 9, 2019

President Sandy Tan called the meeting to order at 12:04 p.m, Wednesday, May 9, 2019 at The News’ auditorium, One News Plaza.

Vice President for Conference Enforcement Aaron Besecker’s update: “We will be filing a grievance in accounting regarding work that was ours that has moved to management. We have been in talks with them for a while because they said they’d give it back — and they haven’t.”

Besecker said that the Guild would be going forward in discussions with management regarding some sports work being done by freelancers. President Sandy Tan encouraged members to participate in Saturday’s Shoreline Cleanup behind the Wegmans on Amherst Street, noting that the Guild has been participating in these events for a decade. It is 10 to noon Saturday and Interim Vice President for Mobilization Colin Dabkowski is the point person.

Tan updated members on the BN Better Than This committee, which has started meeting; she is interested in thoughts and ideas from Guild members.

Tan relayed to membership that our support for the Pittsburgh and Cleveland Guilds was much appreciated.

As handouts were distributed, Tan explained a decision the Guild had to make regarding its defense fund, detailing how the defense fund includes one Class A share of Berkshire Hathaway stock that was bought for $3,100. It is worth $315,000 now.

This share received approval via vote from the general membership when it was purchased decades ago. Tan explained that the Executive Committee recommends unanimously that we convert our A share into B shares, citing the flexibility the Guild will have with the fund, diversification advantages, the lack of tax implications, the fact that we will still have voting rights.

Level Financial will not sell off any Class B shares until the Guild authorizes them to do so. That is not something Level would do without our permission. After a discussion regarding the decision and the timing of the vote, a vote was held regarding whether or not the membership should vote on this today. Only two objected. Tan was explicit in telling members that she was happy to provide additional information to any members who were interested in it. In a vote by show of hands: 29 vote yes, 1 votes no, 1 abstains.

Tan adjourns the meeting at 12:46 p.m.