Guild Executive Committee approves Buffalo-Niagara Typographical Union merger

It’s official! The Buffalo Newspaper Guild Executive Committee unanimously voted to approve the merger agreement with the Buffalo-Niagara Typographical Union No. 9, CWA Local 14148.

Typographical Union President Harold Rehm and Guild President Sandy Tan signed the merger agreement Tuesday, which was immediately ratified by the Executive Committee. Additional paperwork to gain official News Guild and CWA recognition of the merger was also signed.

“This is a great day for the Guild and for the members of the Typographical Union,” Tan said. “We are so much stronger together.”

Typographical Union No. 9 was established in 1852. It most recently represented about 40 printing-related employees and retirees, including 24 union members who are active employees here at The Buffalo News. Their members voted 66-1 in support of the merger.

The Buffalo News employees now covered by the Typographical Unit of the Guild work in Composing, Ad Services and Ad Operations. They design, edit, proofing and delivering ads; draft preliminary layouts; making press plates along with the Engravers Union; and process content like comics, puzzles and items found in publications like Homefinder/BN Home.

The Typographical Unit also represents employees working at half a dozen other print shops outside of The Buffalo News, including the Tonawanda News, which prints the Niagara Gazette; and Delft, Gallagher, Hodgins, and Royal printing companies.

While this union was already part of the CWA, just like the Guild, their sector – Printing, Publishing and Media Workers (PPMW) – dissolved in August due to its loss of membership.

Typographical Unit members will now pay Guild dues and have seats on the Guild Executive Committee. Their contracts will be bargained separately from the existing Guild contract, and Typographical Unit members will have decision-making authority over their defense fund assets.

Read the full merger agreement.


Mark your calendars!

To welcome the two dozen Buffalo News employees previously represented by the Typographical Union, the Guild will host a welcome event on the second floor at 3 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 6 for all Guild members. More details to come.