A message from the Buffalo Newspaper Guild

The Buffalo Newspaper Guild has never been prouder of the outstanding journalism produced by our members than during this Covid-19 public health crisis.

Unfortunately, we received word that, as a Lee Enterprises paper, The Buffalo News plans to subject our members to furloughs over the next three months. This directive comes at a time when our public work has never been more important to this community.

As a union, our members are protected by existing contract language. But in recognition of The Buffalo News’ financial circumstances as a result of lost revenue due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have begun discussing the best path forward to safeguard our members’ future. Our hard work on behalf of this community is undermined by an economic model that seeks to destroy the critically important work that newspapers play in keeping the public informed, protected and safe.

The Guild will do its part to ensure the best possible outcome for our members. We hope the company will work with us in good faith. And above all, we hope the public will support our work and mission.