New contract ratified

Guild members overwhelmingly ratified a new contract today, with a vote count of 114-to-9. The turnout represents slightly more than half of all Guild members. “We appreciate everyone’s support for what is a good deal, given the circumstances,” said Guild President Henry Davis. “This was a long and arduous process for all of us.” The … Continue reading New contract ratified

Why share the savings?

Buffalo Newspaper Guild members recently offered handwritten notes to the publisher about why they deserve a share of the savings the Guild has helped this company create (nearly $6 million since 2009, including buyout and healthcare savings this year, and the loss of roughly 100 full-time employees). The original notes were presented to Stan Lipsey. … Continue reading Why share the savings?

No Zeros — Let management know that we deserve a raise

9.28.2011 – We are asking all Guild members to wear a sticker today proclaiming to management that we deserve a raise. The Guild initially proposed a three-year contract with modest 2 percent annual raises. The News’ counterproposal was to give us ZERO percent raises. That’s an outrageous proposal from a company on track to make … Continue reading No Zeros — Let management know that we deserve a raise