Press release issued in response to publisher’s memo regarding potential layoffs

This official statement from the Guild was sent to all local television, radio and print media on Saturday in response to the publisher’s memo Friday regarding 52 possible Guild layoffs.

The Buffalo Newspaper Guild is extremely disappointed that Publisher Stan Lipsey would send out a memo regarding potential layoffs before the Guild has had the opportunity to work with managers to avoid these losses.

News executives would be better served working together with the union on cost-cutting alternatives that could reduce, if not eliminate, the layoff numbers. Our bargaining agreement requires both sides to discuss feasible alternatives before staff reductions are implemented.

The Guild has had a long history of saving The News money over the years. We will be working tirelessly in the coming days to do everything possible to secure both the future of The News and the livelihood of employees who have given so much to this company and this community.

The Buffalo Newspaper Guild is the largest union at The Buffalo News, representing nearly 300 employees, including the newsroom, classified advertising, circulation, customer service and accounting and bookkeeping.

The Buffalo Newspaper Guild Office may be reached at (716) 856-2828.