2009 Labor Day Parade

The whole gang

Nine Guild members, six kids and two dogs represent the Buffalo Newspaper Guild at the 2009 Labor Day Parade. From left to right: Brian Connolly, Aaron Besecker, Pat Gormley, Geoff Nason, Keith Mcshea, Phil Fairbanks, Tammy Turnbull, Sandy Tan, Matt Glynn and family members.

Labor day parade banner

 Guild members Aaron Besecker, Keith McShea, Geoff Nason, Sandy Tan and Phil Fairbanks gather at a corner before the start of the parade with Sandy’s kids, Alex and Casey in the wagon.


Aaron Besecker and Pat Gormley prepare to march with the flag, while Newspaper Guild staff representative Marian Needham chats with a colleague.

Connolly and kids

Brian Connolly gives a ride to his older girl, Allison, and younger daughter, Kate, along the parade route.

Phil and Marian

Phil Fairbanks and Marian Needham catch up while local Guild service representative Tammy Turnball walks with her family.

Walk with the banner

Phil picks up dog duty and marches ahead.