Three more unions join Council

Three more unions are joining the effort to revive the Council of Newspaper Unions at The Buffalo News.

Leaders of the three unions showed up at a recent meeting – the second in as many months – of labor leaders eager to resurrect the Council, a coalition of News’ unions that dissolved a few years ago.

The six unions now involved in the effort selected Tammy Turnbull, the Guild’s local service representative, to serve as Council chairwoman.

“We want a venue for communicating with each other,” said Turnbull. “There also may be opportunities down the road to cooperate on certain issues.”

The recent move to reorganize the Council came amidst the growing economic problems within the newspaper industry and The News.

Historically, the Council served as an important way for The News’s numerous unions to communicate, especially during bargaining.

Of the unions at the paper, the Guild is by the largest in terms of membership. It also is one of several CWA unions.

Turnbull said the group plans to meet again soon.