April Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Keith McShea called the meeting to order at 5:34 p.m, April 14, 2010 at One News Plaza, second-floor meeting room.

* Sandy Tan and Tammy Turnbull reviewed a buyout scorecard of sorts; all slots targeted by management appeared that they will be filled by employees taking the buyout. The editorial department’s situation was a little fuzzy but the thought was that there would be eight takers.

* The Guild is looking into another office change. The one-year lease on Chippewa (where the Guild currently pays $725/month) is up July 1 with the landlord unwilling to come down from a proposed $800/month.

The Guild is looking into all available options to relocate, including the CWA District 1 office, the Seneca building next to the Larkin building and other sites, particularly those close to One News Plaza.

Jim Heaney said he would approach David Robinson about chairing a subcommittee to look into office space.

Turnbull noted that it is crucial that the Guild look for the most economical options since there will be another loss of membership with the latest round of buyouts; also that hopefully a two-year lease could be attained since moving is expensive and time-consuming.

Sandy Tan said she would approach mobilization committee members to assist Robinson on his committee.

* Mobilization update from Sandy Tan:

Dan Herbeck is interested in reinvigorating the Guild clean-up event organized in past years by Jay Bonfatti. Herbeck has proposed the public space near the St. Paul Cathedral (by the downtown police station). Tan said the Guild would be asked to pay for trash bags and gloves.

* Turnbull said three members will represent the Guild at The Newspaper Guild multi-district council in Cleveland: Turnbull, Kim Leiser and Aaron Besecker. It is a very important conference because every single council except Western will be in attendance and there will be many workshops Friday rather than the usual social gathering. National Guild leadership have focused on grass-roots efforts in the current environment of reduced workforces and reduced income.

* Heaney notified the committee that the finance committee will meet soon.

* A grievance has been filed in regards to the use of stringers and freelancers and a meeting has been scheduled with Dan Farberman to discuss that grievance.

Tan asked that the grievance information be written up so it could be added to the Web site, which has not had a grievance update in some time.

Motion/Second/Carried Raeke/Meyer: To adjourn at 6:20 p.m.

In attendance: Sandy Tan, Keith McShea, Tammy Turnbull, Kim Leiser, Carolyn Raeke, Jim Heaney, Brian Meyer, Henry Davis, Carol Jones, Felice McMillion, Phil Fairbanks.

Excused: Aaron Besecker, Dick Fay, Dan Herbeck