Looking ahead — Membership meeting 5:30 pm Wednesday

With the early retirement incentive behind us, The Buffalo News is a smaller organization, and so is the Guild. That poses unique challenges for each of as members who are faced with the prospect of doing the same work with fewer people.

How will we manage? And how are other newspapers managing?

Come share your thoughts Wednesday, learn what’s happening throughout the building, and how the Guild intends to face the upcoming challenges Wednesday. We’ll meet in the first-floor auditorium at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday’s meeting is the second of four general membership meetings the Guild will hold this year.

We encourage all members to attend. The meeting is expected to run a little over an hour, but we’ll give you plenty of food for thought, as well as actual food.


1. Routine orders of business – Pat Gormley, President
Committee reports; New business: New Guild office space, arbitration approval for jurisdiction grievance in editorial; Old business; Correspondence and new members.

2. Post early-retirement incentive: Who’s left and how departments are restructuring – Tammy Turnbull and department representatives

3. From The Newspaper Guild Multi-District Council Meeting: What’s happening at other papers throughout the region and how TNG is trying to save the industry – Aaron Besecker, Editorial Executive Committee member

4. The Incredible Shrinking Buffalo News and the toughest challenges facing the Guild – Phil Fairbanks, past president and Frontier Reporter editor

5. Guild leadership: How you can play a role – Sandy Tan, vice president for mobilization

6: Q&A from members