November Guild executive committee meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order at 5:35 p.m, Nov. 16 at One News Plaza.

There was discussion about management’s trip to Las Vegas and the guild’s response to it. Many members commented about the irony of a company which has been so concerned about its financial stability not only going on a cross country trip for a retreat, but to a city renowned as a symbol of excess.

Jim Heaney reviewed the last LMC meeting, which included a discussion regarding the News’ editorial hiring practices in the light of the City Grill shooting and subsequent controversies. Heaney noted that the last time a black journalist was hired was eight years ago, and since then there have been 35-40 hires in the newsroom; that there are no black full-time employees in the circulation dept; that The News no longer has an affirmative action plan. “It’s not a pretty picture,” Heaney said.

Sandy Tan reported on the mobilization committee. She said the committee is in standby mode as bargaining is on the horizon. Plans were being made for the holiday party on Dec. 16; she planned on doing something to focus on part-time district managers to get them acclimated to being part of the Guild; and that the messenger list — which the Guild uses to communicate quickly to the entire membership — was being updated.  

 Phil Fairbanks reported on grievances.

Motion/Second/Carried Fay/Heaney to approve the settlement agreement between The Guild and The News regarding car loans for part-time district managers; a $4,000 interest-free loan will be made available for vehicles used in the conduct of News business. ($6,000 car loans have been available to full-timers). See handout. 

 Jim Heaney led discussion of the 2011 budget, which included cuts in stipends and savings made from a revised health insurance plan for Tammy Turnbull as well as a move of the Guild office.

M/S/C Fairbanks/Davis to approve the 2011 budget with the amendment that the title of webmaster will be rolled into Frontier Reporter editor, to be renamed Guild Web editor and be paid $1,500; a change in the bylaws is recommended to reflect the changes regarding in the Frontier Reporter.

 Tammy Turnbull discussed the meeting schedule for 2011, which is: Executive Committee meetings on Tue. Jan. 25, Wed. Feb. 16, Wed. March 16, Tue. April 12, Wed. May 18, Wed. June 15, Tue. July 19, Wed. Aug. 17, Wed. Sept. 14, Wed. Oct. 19, Tue. Nov. 15, Wed. Dec. 13; General Membership meetings on Wed. Jan. 26, Wed. April 20, Wed. July 20, Wed. Nov. 16.

Present: President Pat Gormley, Vice President/Mobilization Sandy Tan, Vice President/Grievances Phil Fairbanks, Secretary Keith McShea, Beverly Gniewecki (classified), Dick Fay (DMs), Henry Davis (editorial), Sue Kelley (editorial), Brian Meyer (editorial), Jim Heaney (editorial), Geoff Nason (editorial), Aaron Besecker (editorial), Denise Gee (editorial), Felice McMillion (ABC), Carol Jones (ABC), Kim Leiser (inside circulation), Tammy Turnbull.  Excused: Treasurer Bob Snyder.