August 2011 Executive Committee Minutes

Aug. 17, 2011–  President Henry Davis called the meeting to order at 5:38 p.m, Aug. 17, 2011 at The News’ second-floor meeting room.

 Motion/Second/Carried Besecker/Tan to accept the minutes from last month’s meeting after the correction of a typographical error (2012 to 2011).

 Committee reports:


Kim Leiser reported on finances.

She announced that the Guild’s application for mobilization funds from the CWA was approved and we will receiving those funds shortly. 


Sandy Tan and Aaron Besecker reported on mobilization. 

Ongoing research and preparation for more aggressive job actions continues, with subcommittees established to work on both in-house and public campaign strategies.

The new pins have been distributed to members, who are wearing them every day. 

Vinyl clings to display in members’ cars will be arriving soon. 

A flyer was distributed today regarding the announcement of buyouts.

The ice cream social was a great success, with many members taking part.There are now photos available on the Guild Web site.


Phil Fairbanks reported on grievances. 

 There is no longer a grievance involving Louise Continelli, who was offered and accepted the same buyout offer that was offered to members recently; that allowed both sides to avoided arbitration.

M/S/CTan/Davis to approve the agreement between the Guild andThe News on jurisdiction regarding local government and education coverage, pending inclusion of language reflecting census numbers and pending approval from Marian Needham and Bob Redden.

There is one grievance remaining, involving ABC and vacations, and the bargaining team is working on that via negotiations.

New business:

Henry Davis updated the committee on bargaining. 

The buyout closed Friday, the sides metTuesday and reviewed a rough draft report of savings from the buyout.The sides discussed how the buyout savings either exceeded the goalThe News was seeking or that,Davissaid, “we were close enough.”

Davis said there were still many issues on the table, including health insurance, insourcing of work to various departments, call monitoring and recording and reporters taking photographs.

The two sides were scheduled to meet Thursday, then twice next week, then there is a previously-agreed-upon break scheduled.

Davis thanked mobilization and all members who were involved for their work on the very successful ice cream social. 

With longtime Guild member Jim Heaney taking the buyout, there was a discussion on potentially replacing him on the bargaining team.

Leiser/Tan M/S/C to adjourn at 6:34 p.m.

Attendance: President Henry Davis, Vice President/Mobilization SandyTan, Vice President/Grievances Phil Fairbanks, Treasurer Kim Leiser, Secretary Keith McShea, classified delegate Beverly Gniewecki, inside circulation delegateTricia Clark, ABC delegate Felice McMillion, editorial delegates Aaron Besecker and Brian Meyer, district manager chief steward Dick Fay, editorial nightside chief steward Mike Pesarchick.

 Excused: Editorial delegate/clerks chief steward Susan Kelley.