May 2013 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Meetings were held at noon and 12:30 on May 15, 2013, at The News’ first-floor auditorium, One News Plaza.

12 p.m. meeting

Attendees: Henry Davis, Mark Sommer, Kim Leiser, Tammy Turnbull, Matt Spina, Brian Meyer, Matt Glynn, Jonathan Epstein, David Robinson, Matt Gryta, Sharon Gleason, Sandy Tan, Phil Fairbanks, Melinda Miller, Andrew Galarneau, Denise Gee, Sharon Cantillon, Carol Fiend, Jackie Kuma, Bob Snyder, Dennis Danheiser, Aaron Besecker and others.

Mark Sommer, VP of Grievances, gives Grievance Committee report.

He says there are two outstanding grievances filed in late March in Inside Circulation. In those cases, management did Guild work, as well as New York Times data entry and bridal input. Larry Bayerl said in writing that it won’t happen again.

Another committee issue is the denial of bereavement pay to a Classified employee.

The committee will soon sit down to discuss how that matter will proceed, Sommer said.

Editorial is peaceful, though “Celebrations” are moving to the department on June 2 and there could be a jurisdictional issue. Sommer said he was told clerks will be doing the work.

Mobilization Committee report from VP of Mobilization Sandy Tan. With the beginning of negotiations, there might be a sticker coming soon. An event with Lloyd Taco Truck was planned for May 20.

Finance Committee report from Treasurer Kim Leiser. The national Guild has raised our per caps, but the local has decided there will be no increase in members’ dues.

While TNG National per caps are going up, CWA national has lowered theirs. We have about $24,000 in the bank and are “doing pretty good,” Leiser said.

Old Business

President Henry Davis reports on the beginning of bargaining. He describes the initial discussions with the company, though they haven’t come to us with an official proposal.

Davis talked about what the company told the negotiating team about its proposal to pool employees company-wide for health insurance purposes. The company is also talking about a one-year contract, and they’re not talking about a wage increase.

New Business

The Newspaper Guild conference in Pittsburgh is briefly mentioned, as time is short.

Those wishing to hear more about it are invited to stay. Meeting ends at 12:28 p.m.

The 12:30 p.m. meeting covered the same ground. Attendees included Davis, Turnbull, Leiser, Tan, Sommer, Poleto, Harrington, Kirchberger, Steve Watson, Kevin Walter, Jay Tokasz, Bob Snyder and several others.