New fall fashion accessory: Buffalo Newspaper Guild baseball hat!

BNG_cap_frontMake a cool fall fashion statement and support the Guild! We have some sharplooking, khaki-and-black baseball hats embroidered with the Guild logo on the front and back.

Each hat has a neutral khaki cap with a black bill and complementary black logo stitching on the front and back. The back of the cap also features a buckled, adjustable sizing strap.

These hats look great with almost any casual outfit and are the perfect way to show your support and solidarity for you union. It’s been years since we’ve produced any Guild logo apparel, so we encourage every Guild member to consider buying one.

The hats are only $10 each, an at-cost price for all Guild members. Images of the hat are available on every Guild bulletin board and many Guild representatives have an actual hat for you to try on! If you’re among the first to order, your hat can be delivered to you right away until our existing supply runs out. After that, we’ll have to place a new order.

To buy a Guild baseball hat, please contact:

• Editorial: Sandy Tan or Henry Davis
• Classified: Renee Mikler
• Accounting: Lori Nieves
• Inside Circulation/District managers: Kim Leiser

Also, we still have special, limited-edition “joker” cards available for anyone in possession of a completed 52-card deck of Guild playing cards. Please let your Guild representative know if you’d like one.

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