News management moves on health insurance: Proposal also includes bonus but no wage increase

The Buffalo News on Monday rescinded its position on cost shifting for health insurance. Management stepped back from a proposal that would have had members paying a continual and increasing amount of health insurance premiums starting in 2016. However, the company only offered a small amount of money as a one-time bonus, with no wage increases. That offer falls far short of the Guild’s proposal for a 2- year contract with wage increases in both years.

In addition, management maintained its proposal to transition to a self-insured health insurance plan and reasserted its positions on several other unresolved non-economic issues. Among those issues are workflow and efficiency changes in the Classified Advertising department, where management previously proposed to outsource the work.

The News retained the right to rescind the entire proposal if no agreement is reached by June 1. Guild negotiators will meet with the Mobilizing and Executive Committees on Thursday to consider this offer.