Guild members vote to ratify tentative agreement

The tentative agreement between The Buffalo News and The Buffalo Newspaper Guild-CWA 31026 was ratified in voting Sunday and Monday by a vote of 94-8.

The Guild and The News in June reached the tentative agreement that maintains fully covered health insurance through 2016, provides cash bonuses and a cellphone allowance, and makes a key improvement in our insurance arrangement in the event of premium increases after the contract expires.

The agreement for a two-year contract through the end of 2016 does not include a percentage pay raise, a disappointment after more than a year of negotiations. Our last contract expired in July 2014.

The agreement provides a cash bonus of $500 for part-timers and $1,000 for full-timers at ratification and $750 for full-timers and $500 for part-timers in February 2016. The deal was unanimously endorsed by the bargaining team.