Guild rebounds from buyout losses with new Editorial hires, growth of Suns

After one of the most difficult summers in recent memory, the Guild and The News are in rebuilding mode.

And while we are still processing the repercussions of our colleagues’ departures, there are reasons to hope for better days ahead. Foremost among them is the addition of several new faces to the newsroom, which has welcomed five new full-time staff reporters and editors — largely in the decimated sports department —
and four part-time print and digital reporters.

Our new members have brought a welcome dose of energy into a battered workplace. Their work will likely be instrumental in a new initiative spearheaded by management and supported by the Guild to reinvent The News as a collection of digital businesses and to build subscription and other sources of revenue into a sustainable future. (More on this in a future issue of the Frontier Reporter.)

In the meantime, the Guild has worked hard to guard the provisions of our contract, to extend our jurisdiction  to newly launched products like the Kenmore and Tonawanda Sun newspapers and to help our members through a challenging time in the industry.

This issue of the Frontier Reporter — in stark contrast to the last one — takes a more optimistic tone as we attempt to work together with management to put The News back on solid ground.

— Colin Dabkowski, vice president of mobilization and communication

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