Guild executive committee minutes: Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020

President Sandy Tan called the meeting to order at 5:03 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020 at The News’ second-floor conference room, One News Plaza.

Motion/Second/Carried Hipp/Mooney to approve the October executive committee minutes.

Secretary Keith McShea owes the minutes for November and December.

The Mobilization Committee report came via President Sandy Tan, who noted that the 2019 Frontier Reporter looked back at our 2019 accomplishments.

“It’s one of the few years we’ve had labor peace,” Tan said. “The Guild leadership team still has been very busy but the fact that we have been able to work things out with management given the state of our industry very positive thing.”

Treasurer Diana Gawron’s Finance Committee update included how Gawron, the new treasurer, had her first meeting today with Administrative Officer Kim Leiser. Leiser noted that the main item of discussion was the Christmas Party breakdown, which will come later in the meeting.

Sandy Tan offered her President’s Report.

Tan spoke to News Publisher Warren Colville Monday in an hour-long meeting.

Old business

Leiser and Gawron reviewed the Christmas Party. The Guild spent $9,832.18 after budgeting $9,000. “Not bad,” said Leiser.

There were 130 “confirmed” guests but 114 attendees for 16 no shows. Leiser said $949 was spent on those no-shows.

Sandy inquires to Ellen about the next Frontier Reporter, which is said to hopefully be finished up next week and out the following week.

New business

M/S/C Tan/Fairbanks to approve the following dates for the 2020 meetings, with executive committee meetings set for 5 p.m. and general membership meetings set for noon and 5:30 p.m.:

Tue. Feb 11 — executive committee meeting
Wed. Feb. 12 — general membership meetings

Wed. March 11 — executive committee meeting

Wed. April 8 — executive committee meeting

Tue. May 12 — executive committee meeting
Wed. May 13 — general membership meetings

Wed. June 10 — executive committee meeting

Wed. July 15 — executive committee meeting

Wed. Aug. 12 — executive committee meeting

Tue. Sept. 15 — executive committee meeting
Wed. Sept 16 — general membership meetings

Wed. Oct. 14 — executive committee meeting

Tue. Nov. 17 — executive committee meeting
Wed. Nov. 18 — general membership meetings

Wed. Dec. 9 — executive committee meeting

Tan and Leiser had two meetings with management regarding Typographical Unit bargaining, exploring updating the language in the agreements and possibilities concerning merging the various unit contracts.

M/S/C Besecker/Fairbanks to approve Sandy Tan, Kim Leiser, Karen Hipp and Paul Labinski as members of the Guild’s bargaining team for Typographical Unit negotiations, with additional members rotating as needed from other units (Ad Operations and Ad Services), which are not presently represented.

Sandy updating the committee on talks with management regarding the Typographical Unit.

MSC Besecker/Fairbanks that the Guild agrees to a waive the minimum staffing requirement, which is not currently met due to a vacancy in composing, until the end of Typographical Unit negotiations; in exchange, The News will allow Typographical Unit members to be eligible for lost time during negotiations this summer.

The executive committee had an extensive discussion regarding the Typographical Unit negotiations. Tan noted that she appreciated the direction the committee provided on this issue.

Tan adjourned the meeting at 6:11 p.m..

Attendance: President Sandy Tan, Vice President/Grievances Aaron Besecker, Treasurer and inside circulation delegate Diana Gawron, Secretary Keith McShea, Administrative Officer Kim Leiser, Typographical dayside steward Karen Hipp, Typographical delegate Kathy Mooney, BC chief steward Felice McMillion, District manager steward Joan Portman, Sun papers steward Lian Bunny, editorial delegate Mike Harrington, nightside chief steward Mike Pesarchick, editorial delegate Scott Scanlon, past president Phil Fairbanks.

Excused: Vice President/Mobilization Rachel Lenzi, editorial delegate Mark Sommer, editorial delegate David Robinson, district manager alternate delegate Bob Snyder.

Absent: Typographical Nightside steward Mark Hanover, editorial alternate delegate Jeff Miers.