Community leaders stand with the Buffalo Newspaper Guild

Local leaders across this community are calling on Lee Enterprises to stop its assault on our
local paper and local jobs. Read why they stand with the Buffalo Newspaper Guild:

“Journalism is the bedrock of our democracy. Sadly, to maximize profits, many newsrooms are
being decimated by out-of-state corporate owners and hedge funds, which do not always act in
the best interests of the publications or their communities. This appears to be the case at the
Buffalo News, which is the only daily newspaper in Erie County.

“Lee Enterprises, which purchased the News early last year, is proposing to cut one-quarter of all
positions at the Buffalo Newspaper Guild, including page designers and customer service
employees, according to the Guild. These cuts would severely diminish the quality of the
newspaper for residents in Western New York and reduce the availability of customer service for
thousands of subscribers. … I urge Lee Enterprises to put the interests of the public before its
own profit and to reconsider these proposed cuts, which would be damaging to our entire

-Assemblywoman Monica Wallace


“Lee Enterprises is attempting to outsource good union jobs and dismantle the foundation of The

Buffalo News. I stand with the Buffalo Newspaper Guild.”

-Assemblyman Pat Burke


RESOLVED, that the Erie County Legislature expresses our strong concerns about the contract

demands, employment demands and looming potential layoffs of local employees and the
outsourcing of jobs out of state by Lee Enterprises at The Buffalo News, and be it further
RESOLVED, that this Honorable Body calls on Lee Enterprises to negotiate in good faith with
the Buffalo Newspaper Guild and to retain jobs, employees and work product in Buffalo.

-Unanimous resolution of the 11-member Erie County Legislature


“Each and every one of the News’ readers and subscribers will suffer if the paper’s layout and
design teams are outsourced to places outside of Buffalo. When subscribers open the pages of
their newspaper each day, they’re laying eyes on pages and designs that have been thoughtfully,
meticulously designed by local staff who care deeply about the way in which the product and the
story is presented to readers…

“At a time in which political divisiveness and entrenched belief systems threaten to unwind the
fabric of our democracy, the importance of a free, independent press cannot be overstated.

Journalists and the work they do as members of the Fifth Estate to safeguard our democratic
processes help to provide a bedrock for our free and informed society.

“I urge Lee Enterprises to find compromises as the Buffalo Newspaper Guild negotiates a new
contract for roughly 150 reporters, photographers, copy editors and page designers, customer
service representatives, circulation district managers and finance staff who help to maintain the
journalistic quality and integrity that the Buffalo News has upheld for nearly 150 years.”

-Assemblyman Jonathan Rivera


“While my voters and supporters believe The News has been tough on me, I highly respect and
defend their important  mission to do so. We need independent checks and balances on
government. The strength of our democracy depends on that. The Buffalo News is fulfilling their
mission as the “fourth branch of government” and defenders of the First  Amendment. Sunshine
is the best disinfectant, especially within the walls of government.

“Cutting or outsourcing editorial related staff will lead to less accountability for elected officials
who are supposed to be responsible stewards of  tax dollars. An outsourced and diminished
editorial staff in Buffalo will lead to a weakened community.”

– Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw


“Proud to join with my WNY colleagues to support the @BuffaloGuild!”

-NY Sen. Sean Ryan


“I call on the new owners of The Buffalo News, Lee Enterprises, to prove that they care about
the people who live and work in Western New York. The union workers who produce the news
every day deserve a fair contract. That’s why I support the Buffalo Newspaper Guild.”

-Assemblywoman Karen McMahon


“I stand with the Buffalo Newspaper Guild in members’ aim to maintain benefits and prevent
outsourcing by Lee Enterprises. A quality daily newspaper is at the foundation of any strong
community. And the Buffalo News must be staffed by those who know and love WNY – because
they live and work in WNY.”

-Assemblyman Bill Conrad


“The Buffalo News, itself, is in dire straits. They have new ownership and they’re outsourcing a
lot of the jobs. They’re making cuts. … Local news is very, very important for democracy, and
it’s now under assault. So I would ask that you inform yourself of this problem and that you
contact the new owners of The Buffalo News, and that you tell them that we need our Buffalo
News, and we need it at its current level.”

-County Legislator Kevin Hardwick


“We strongly urge you to withdraw your proposed staffing reductions and to negotiate an
agreement with the Guild that will protect local jobs and maintain the quality of our local news

-Letter to Lee Enterprises president, signed by Assemblymembers Wallace, McMahon,
Burke and Conrad, and Sen. Ryan and Sen. Timothy Kennedy