Buffalo Newspaper Guild reaches tentative agreement with The Buffalo News and Lee Enterprises

The Buffalo Newspaper Guild and The Buffalo News/Lee Enterprises reached a tentative agreement on a new three-year contract on Friday, July 30. The agreement comes after five months of bargaining over a lengthy list of proposals on both sides.

In light of the tentative agreement, the Guild is ending its two-week byline strike and thanks the Western New York community for its tremendous outpouring of support.

Since the beginning, the Guild has sought to protect local journalism and to protect the people who enable The Buffalo News to meet its journalistic mission.

“We believe this tentative agreement represents a good deal for our members, and a much better deal than what many other newspaper workers across the country are getting,” said Guild President Sandra Tan. “Our thanks goes to the Western New York community, which has stood with us over these past few months and helped make this agreement possible.”

Nearly 1,800 community members signed a petition asking Lee Enterprises and The Buffalo News to protect local journalism and reach a deal with the Guild. Additionally, roughly two dozen elected leaders and community organizations stood with the Guild at a time when our union members most needed their support.

The tentative agreement, which is subject to ratification by the Guild membership, includes both gains and compromises. It also protects many of the union’s existing contractual rights and benefits.

Details of the tentative agreement will be shared with Guild members on Monday, Aug. 2.

“We believe this negotiation highlights the important role newspaper unions play in protecting local journalism and the people who make that work possible,” Tan said. “We believe the community recognizes that here in Western New York, and we are very grateful.”