Executive Committee Meeting Minutes: Dec. 8, 2021

President Sandy Tan called the executive committee meeting to order at 6:46 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2021, with some participating in person in the former News cafeteria and others joining in by Zoom.

New Business

Motion/Second/Carried Portman/Tan to approve the Nov. 10 executive committee meeting minutes. The committee still is waiting for the minutes from the July meeting.

Guild President Sandra Tan said Rachel Lenzi is stepping back from her role as Vice President of Mobilization. Tan said Vice

President of Grievances/Contract Compliance Aaron Besecker will take Lenzi’s place. Tan said Besecker is very interested in taking on this new position and already has been working on mobilizing among other Lee Enterprises unions in the wake of Alden Global Capital’s takeover offer.

This leaves an opening for Besecker’s former position, which will be filled by Editorial delegate Scott Scanlon. Besecker and Scanlon are filling the remainder of those terms, which expire at the end of 2022 along with those of all other Guild officer positions, Tan said.

Tan again referred to the efforts to stave off Alden’s unwelcome takeover offer. She said all Guild chapters at Lee papers are mounting an aggressive campaign against Alden, coordinating through weekly virtual meetings and regular correspondence. The Buffalo Guild is taking a leadership role because of its experience in mobilizing, Tan said.

The executive committee set Jan. 11 as the date of its next meeting.

President’s Report – Nothing else

Old Business

Tan said, given the cancellation of the holiday party, the Guild plans to send out $25 Tops gift cards to members, along with branded face masks. The letters most likely will go out in early January, she said.

Tan initiated a discussion of the design of the face mask.

Tan also said the Guild is looking for someone to serve as editor of the Frontier Reporter.

Grievance Committee Report – None

Mobilization Committee Report – None

Tan adjourned the meeting shortly after 7 p.m.

Attendance: President Sandy Tan, Secretary Steve Watson, Editorial delegate Mike Harrington, Editorial delegate Mark Sommer, Administrative Officer Kim Leiser, District Manager steward Joan Portman, ABC steward Alva Hill, Editorial nightside steward Mike Pesarchick.

Excused: Vice President/Contract Administration Aaron Besecker, Vice President/Mobilization Rachel Lenzi, Sun Newspapers co-steward James Farrell, Editorial delegate Scott Scanlon, District Manager alternate delegate Bob Snyder, Typographical dayside steward Hilary Osborn.

Absent: Typographical nightside steward Mark Hanover, Sun co-steward Francesca Bond, Treasurer and Inside Circulation steward Diana Gawron, Editorial delegate Dave Robinson.