Buffalo helps striking Guild members in Pittsburgh, Fort Worth

The Buffalo Newspaper Guild has contributed financially in recent months to help striking guild members in Pittsburgh and Fort Worth.

Members of the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh went on strike at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in October and remain on strike.

In early November, our Executive Committee approved a $5,000 donation to the CWA strike fund to benefit members of the Pittsburgh guild.

In December, the Executive Committee approved spending $500 to become a “Strike Santa” for the Pittsburgh union. Our contribution provided gift cards for various locations to union members and their families.

Two representatives of our Guild, Sandy Tan and Mike McAndrew, also traveled to Pittsburgh to participate in a rally and to walk the picket line with striking workers.

In December, the Executive Committee approved a $1,000 donation to a strike relief fund for striking guild workers at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, who began their work stoppage in late November.

Union members in Fort Worth went back to work after 24 days.

We continue to stand in solidarity with all of our union sisters and brothers across the Guild.