Investigative Post: ‘It might as well have been Alden’ who bought The Buffalo News

Investigative Post, the Buffalo-based nonprofit news outlet, has taken notice of the recent newsroom cuts imposed by owner Lee Enterprises on The Buffalo News.

In a item published Sunday under the headline “The Buffalo News is hemorrhaging journalists,” former News reporter and Buffalo Newspaper Guild member Jim Heaney points out how Lee “is slashing staff and taking other steps to squeeze money out of the operation.”

Heaney, who wrote that Lee is following the playbook of vulture capitalist firm and newspaper owner Alden Global Capital, spoke with Guild President Jon Harris for the piece.

“We know what Lee Enterprises is getting out of The Buffalo News,” Harris told Investigative Post. “We’re wondering what Buffalo is getting out of Lee Enterprises.”

For more information about the newsroom cuts, check out the Guild’s Twitter feed.

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