Job actions for today and Friday

►Thursday at noon: Parking lot walkout (6 p.m. walkout for nightside staff)

In response to management’s demand that employees pay for parking in The News’ lot, the Guild will be distributing vinyl static clings featuring the Guild logo for all union members to affix to the interior of their rear car windows.

We ask all Guild members, who are able to take a brief break, to leave their desks promptly at noon with their clings and car keys as we collectively affix the clings to our cars.

For those unable to participate in the noontime event, we ask they take the clings to their cars and stick them up during their nearest scheduled break. We’re asking editorial nightside staff to walk out at 6 p.m.

Please let whoever is handing out the clings in your department this morning know how many clings you want. We recommend that Guild members take at least one cling for each family car. This will be a first step in raising community awareness of the Guild and our issues.

It’s not enough for The News to want to deny us raises. They want us to essentially give back money by denying us access to free parking.This is particularly galling given that so many employees here at The News – including all reporters – use their own personal vehicles to conduct News business. We have and will continue to reject this proposal.

►Friday: Black Fridays return

Starting this Friday and every Friday, we ask all Guild members to wear black in response to management’s uncompromising response to our proposals regarding health care, parking, raises and cafeteria service.The News had previously signaled to the Guild that they were serious about settling matters and bringing negotiations to an end.Their contemptible counterproposal on Monday tells us the true story. Actions speak louder than words. And we are very prepared to take responsive action.

All Guild members are urged to wear black every Friday. We also remind members to wear their Guild lapel pins daily. If you have lost your pin, please let your Guild representative know and we will get you a new one.

Stay tuned for more job actions to follow next week