Ongoing mobilization and “byline blackout”

 A reminder to all Guild members that this Friday and every Friday is Black Frlday. Please wear black as negotiations continue. Mobilization efforts will be ongoing and strengthen as the Guild continues to press the company on key issues.  

Little progress was made this week in negotiations between the Guild and management over the key issues of wages and the 5 percent health care clause.The Guild bargaining team continues to press for monetary improvement on behalf of its members.

 A “byline blackout” is planned for Sunday, Oct. 30, and Monday, Oct. 31 as a first step in its public campaign.The Guild is requiring that all bylines, credit lines, photos, images and web credits of Guild members be removed from all Guild member-produced newsroom work on those days. We ask that all affected Guild members who have not yet signed and returned their byline blackout authorization form do so by Friday.