Why share the savings – Take 2

Last Friday, the Guild asked all members to leave a Post-It note on the fifth floor letting management know personally why they deserve a share of the savings the Guild has helped this company find over the years. We had white sheets of paper temporarily hanging from the fifth-floor railing to give members a place to stick their messages.

The sheets were hanging for barely an hour before management demanded they be taken down because they were attached to News property. Guild representatives explained the display was temporary and that we planned to take it down in an hour, but apparently, News managers were supremely bothered and incapable of leaving this quiet and non-disruptive job action alone.

Therefore, the Guild is reprising this job action from noon to 2 p.m. today  – this time in the cafeteria where we will set up a full gallery display of notes to the publisher. (Other arrangements will be made for nightside editorial.) As previously noted in Friday’s orange flier, we have done our part to help out a company that has projected a $10 million profit this year.

So today we ask Guild members to do one of two things:

• If you haven’t already, please use the attached Post-It note to write a respectful and intelligent message letting management know personally why YOU deserve a share of the savings.

• If you already left a message on that topic Friday, please use the attached Post-It note to answer the following question: Why should the publisher and News executive committee respect employees’ freedom of expression?

Please bring your Post-It note up to the cafeteria between noon and 2. We plan to collect all the sheets of notes and present them to the publisher.