Guild members encouraged to look for discounts at Union Plus

Interested in saving hundreds and, potentially, thousands of dollars on products and services – everything from flowers to visits to the dentist?

Of course, you are.

That’s why The Buffalo Newspaper Guild wants to introduce you to a feature known as Union Plus.

Union Plus uses the collective purchasing power of millions of union members to offer dozens of discounted services and products, as well as other benefits.

Each union involved – in our case, it’s Communication Workers of America/The Newspaper Guild (CWA/TNG) — decides which benefits it will offer to its membership.

Union Privilege is the organization behind the Union Plus program. In 1986, the AFL-CIO created Union Privilege to provide consumer benefits programs to union members.

It’s a simple process on the Union Plus website to find the discounts offered to members of CWA/TNG.

There is no Union Plus membership. There is no separate sign up and no enrollment fee for the Union Plus program. Union members are automatically eligible for their union’s Union Plus benefits.

You can view a list of CWA/TNG Union Plus benefits at the Union Plus website, and you can also download and print a guide to the benefits.

The benefits include discounts for theme parks, movie tickets, flowers, Goodyear tires, legal services, life insurance, accident insurance, automobile insurance, AT&T wireless service, rental cars and health clubs.

Union Plus also offers discounts for medical services, including hospitals, physicians, dentists, and vision and hearing providers that participate in the program. There also is a prescription discount card.

The health-related discounts may be particularly helpful to individuals who lack health or dental insurance.

Other services include consumer credit and budget counseling, college scholarships and mortgage assistance.