Soliciting nominations for Guild leadership

Who runs The Buffalo Newspaper Guild? A lot of us, and you could be one of them.

In November, The Buffalo Newspaper Guild will begin the process of selecting members to serve in all positions of leadership for three-year terms. Any member in good standing with a commitment to serving the best interests of the organization may be nominated.

These are critical times for the Guild and good leadership is at the heart of our long-term future. We strongly encourage interested members to think about how they might play a role in improving the workplace and securing the future for all of us who work at The News. Training will be provided for those who need it.

The positions up for nomination include:

• President: The union’s CEO who presides over all officers, committee chairs and general membership meetings, serves as a spokesperson and representative of the Guild to outside organizations, and validates all Guild memberships.

• Vice President of Mobilization and Communication: Coordinates membership education and communication, oversees the Web site and Frontier Reporter and heads the Mobilization Committee responsible for coordinating Guild activities, events and workplace actions.

• Vice President for Contract Administration and Enforcement: Works with internal and external union staff, legal counsel and committee members to research and act on complaints, disputes and grievances regarding contract compliance. Heads the Grievance Committee.

• Secretary: Custodian of the union’s non-financial records who handles union correspondence, keeps track of union actions that set policy and handles all Executive Committee and General Membership Meeting minutes.

• Treasurer: Custodian of all of the union’s funds, under the direction of the Executive Board and Finance Committee, beyond routine expenses. Provides regular reports of the Guild’s finances, helps prepare the budget and keeps up-to-date membership records and dues, and issues membership cards.

• Chief Steward: Chief steward/s are nominated and chosen by their own department members. They serve as representatives of the Guild with rank-and-file members, and as intermediaries with management and union leadership. They also serve on the Executive Committee, along with officers and other Executive Committee members.

• Executive Committee Members: These are Guild members who do not hold one of the above positions, but serve on the Executive Committee to help set policy and direction for the organization. The number is based on department size. Classified and Inside Circulation are each allowed one member; District Managers, two members; editorial, five members.

Anyone with an interest in serving in any of these positions should make his or her interest known to a Guild officer, department steward or to Local Service Representative Tammy Turnbull. Tammy may be reached at 856-2828 or at

There are currently known vacancies coming up for vice president of mobilization, as well as a few executive committee spots. However, we encourage any member with the commitment and desire to contribute to apply for any listed position.

All officers, stewards and committee members are expected to attend Executive Committee meetings once a month and to participate in the decision-making process during negotiations.

Nominations for the above positions will be made at the Nov. 13 general membership meeting. If there are more candidates than positions for any office, an election will be held in December by secret ballot. For a list of those serving now, please visit Terms run from Jan. 1, 2014 to Dec. 31, 2016.