Vote on new Guild leadership at Wednesday’s noon membership meeting

Please join us at noon Wednesday, Nov. 13, in the first-floor News auditorium to get the latest update on what’s happening with your Guild and to vote on union leadership that will be responsible for representing and protecting you and your colleagues for the next three years.

Lunch will be provided. Nominations will be made for three-year terms for all Guild officers and executive committee members. If you have any interest in a Guild position, please contact Henry Davis, Tammy Turnbull or another Guild steward ASAP. Learn more about applying for Guild leadership positions.

The upcoming meeting also will feature a guest speaker who specializes in voluntary benefits, such as life and disability insurance. These are insurance products you could choose to purchase as alternatives or in addition to what The Buffalo News offers.

Tim Cochrane, vice president of the Hennessey Insurance Group, worked as a consultant to the Guild during our last contract negotiations. In lieu of payment for his work, the Guild Executive Committee agreed to provide him an opportunity to talk with Guild members about the value of having insurance outside of what is available to you at The News.

The Guild is not endorsing his firm’s products, but Tim’s advice regarding insurance benefits was very helpful to us during negotiations, and his presentation may prove educational and useful for some members.

Meeting Agenda for Nov. 13, 2013:

Committee Reports:

— Finance (Kim Leiser): Year-end financial report

— Contract Administration (Mark Sommer): Update

— Mobilization (Sandy Tan)

— Holiday Party Update

— Nominations for Guild officers and Executive Committee members

— Presentation by Tim Cochrane, Hennessey Insurance Group