Guild proposes changes to its by-laws

The Buffalo Newspaper Guild is governed by a set of by-laws, and it’s time to consider amending them.

The proposed changes reflect changes in the Guild and in technology.

We have email and a website now, for instance, so we’re no longer solely dependent on paper bulletins to communicate with members.

We’re smaller, too, meaning we have to reconsider the composition of the Guild Executive Committee to ensure that all our divisions are adequately represented and that we maximize opportunities for participation in Guild affairs.

The by-laws and the proposed changes are posted on all the Guild departmental bulletin boards. The proposed changes are highlighted in bold. Material proposed to be eliminated is struck through with a line.

Read the proposed changes to the Guild’s by-laws

Our by-laws require that proposed amendments be posted on bulletin boards at least 10 days before a local membership meeting, at which time members can offer comment and vote on the matter. Our next member meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 19. We’ll communicate a meeting time and location soon.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, contact Administrative Officer Kim Leiser at, or 856-2828; or Guild President Henry Davis at, 849-5595.