Guild executive committee minutes: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

President Sandy Tan called the meeting to order at 5:08 p.m, Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at The News’ second-floor conference room, One News Plaza.

Motion/Second/Carried Besecker/Dabkowski to approve the executive committee minutes for February, March and April 2017.

VP for Contract Administration Aaron Besecker issued his committee report.

He discussed an ongoing dispute on commission in classified and a jurisdictional question about ads in classified.

In editorial, there were concerns about possible dayside layout duties being done; this was resolved since we do not have total jurisdiction.

Besecker said we are trying to establish a better standard for our jurisdiction regarding stories in Gusto and Home & Style.

There remains an ongoing question about jurisdiction in ABC following departure of a worker.

“Any questions, feel free to contact me,” said Besecker. “It is important to maintain our jurisdiction.”

VP for Mobilization Colin Dabkowski issued his committee report.

Ellen Przepasniak received a rousing ovation from the executive board. She is our new Frontier Reporter editor.

The guild’s annual shoreline cleanup saw five guild members participate.

M/S/C Besecker/Sommer that Colin Dabkowski and Laurie Moskal represent the guild on the guild-management diversity committee.

Under discussion is a send-off/thank-you for the classified guild members.

Treasurer Felice McMillion issued the finance report.

Mary Pasciak is a new member of finance committee.

All finances and budget issues are on course.

The Newspaper Guild per capita is going up, as it does every year.

Old business

Administrative Officer Kim Leiser reported that the contract ratification vote on April 20 was 104-16.

On May 2 guild members got their first raises.

120 out of 189 guild members voted; 28 of 47 district managers voted.

Leiser reviewed our audit report, which was disseminated to the committee.

The U.S. Dept. of Labor found recordkeeping violations (documenting reimbursements and credit card expenses; documenting lost wages; and incomplete meeting minutes) and reporting violations (disbursements to officer; certificates reported as investments; dues).

M/S/C Tan/McMillion that Administrative Officer Kim Leiser receive a 1.5 raise immediately and 1 percent raise on Aug. 1.

Leiser’s pay is 1-year district manager DM pay.

The Frontier Reporter stipend.

Ellen Przepasniak asked to decline the stipend for editor of the Frontier Reporter and she would like to donate the stipend back to the Guild.

Przepasniak recommended we look into a partnership effort for a in-office gym.

Sandy Tan discussed the Hamburg Sun agreement

Sandy, Kim, Aaron, Trey looked into editorial jurisdiction regarding the Sun.

The committee discussed various proposals and draft language for an agreement with The News regarding The Hamburg Sun.

There is no end date for classified personnel as of yet, Tan reported.

Tan adjourned the meeting at 6:08 p.m.

Attendance: President Sandy Tan, Vice President/Grievances Aaron Besecker, Vice President/Mobilization Colin Dabkowski, Treasurer and ABC chief steward Felice McMillion, Secretary Keith McShea, Administrative Officer Kim Leiser, inside circulation delegate Diana Gawron, classified delegate Beverly Gniewecki, editorial chief steward Dan Kirchberger, editorial delegate/clerks chief steward Susan Kelley, editorial delegate Mark Sommer.

Excused: Past President Henry Davis, editorial delegates Trey Bankhead, Mike Harrington and David Robinson, editorial alternate delegate Scott Scanlon.

Absent: Inside circulation delegate Latrice Carr, classified delegate/chief steward Renee Mikler, district manager chief steward Dick Fay, editorial delegate Phil Fairbanks, nightside chief steward Mike Pesarchick, district manager alternate delegate Bob Snyder, classified alternate delegate Jacqueline Kuma, classified alternate Alexa Finn, editorial alternate delegates Jeff Miers.