New contract ratified

Guild members overwhelmingly ratified a new contract today, with a vote count of 114-to-9. The turnout represents slightly more than half of all Guild members.

“We appreciate everyone’s support for what is a good deal, given the circumstances,” said Guild President Henry Davis. “This was a long and arduous process for all of us.”

The two-year agreement includes no changes in health insurance, and a cash bonus of $400 for part-timers and $800 for full-timers. The Buffalo News has notified the Guild that it will send out the bonus checks no later than Dec. 13.

The company said it will also send out information to Guild employees shortly about how those with 401(k) accounts can transfer some or all of their bonus into those pre-tax accounts. Anyone interested in this option will have until Dec. 2  to elect this choice.

Additionally, regular part-time Guild members with at least one year of service will soon receive information about their ability to contribute up to $1,500 pre-tax combined to medical reimbursement and dependent care accounts. This is a new benefit for part-timers initiated by the Guild.